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Scroll down to view my site gallery or Click Here  However, be sure to read "Why You Need a Website" because it's chocked full of great reasons for why you need a website.  Scrolling through it as you read, you'll  naturally come to the site gallery just below it.  I've thought of everything.  ;)



If you're a business owner of any size, you need a website.  End of story.

Why?  Because a website is the FIRST place anyone goes when looking for a product or service.  It's a fact of modern life, if you don't have a website to promote your business, you lose.  Consider the fact that you now know that I design and build websites because you're reading about it here, on my website.  If this information wasn't readily available online you wouldn't know anything about me and I'd lose.

Each site I build is completely customized to reflect the client's product line, service, and even personality.  I take a basic template, tear it down and replace its graphic imagery to suit YOUR needs.  I personally create all the custom designed artwork necessary to make your site truly yours.

But you get something else from me when I build your site - backstage access!

Let me explain what that means, each site I build utilizes online CMS technology and for good reason, it empowers YOU as the site owner.  No longer do you have to settle for having no access to your own site files.  Rather than have to track down your webmaster if you want to make a simple change in your site's information, you will be able to login to the site files yourself anytime through a simple online user interface and make whatever change to the content you want to make.

No coding experience is necessary.

By logging into the site you will have access to ALL the site files 24/7 should you want to change pricing information, add a new phone number, add a picture or even perform some basic site maintenance.  This is such an enormous improvement over the old way of building sites from scratch that it is now the only way I will build a website.  If, however, you still prefer that I be the one to make changes to the site or perform all maintenance, I'm happy to do so for a very reasonable fee to be negotiated based on the amount of work necessary.

If you'd like to discuss in greater detail what I can do for your business by either creating a brand new site or by re-designing your old one, drop me a line from my Contact page and let's talk.


Package Prices

The packages listed below are designed to meet the needs of most small business clients but if you need something a little different, we can tweak the package to suit your purposes.  ALL packages include search engine optimization - SEO.

Each package requires 30% due up front with the balance due upon completion.  Once final payment has been received and cleared you will be provided with the login/password to your online site interface.

Once your site is built, if you would like me to provide ongoing Webmaster services, a monthly fee can be negotiated based on the anticipated workload.


This site will meet the needs of the majority of small businesses or individuals.

$498 - This is a site of up to 5 pages and includes:

 - Custom Graphics
 - Photo Gallery of up to 15 Images
 - 1GB of Disk Space
 - 150GB of Bandwidth
 - 1 "Catch-all" Email Account
 - Domain, Hosting, and Search Engine Submission Costs for the First Year

**A Flash Banner or Flash Header may be added for an additional $98
**A small Shopping Cart of up to 20 items with 1 image per product may be added for 
   an additional $248 
        - SSL is available for $70 per year.

THE INTERMEDIATE - This site will meet the needs of the majority of larger businesses.

$648 - This is a larger site of up to 10 pages and includes:

 - Custom Graphics
 - Photo Gallery of up to 30 Images
 - Either a Flash Banner or a Flash Header
 - Accompanying Facebook Page (FB account login info is required)
 - 10GB of Disk Space
 - 500GB of Bandwidth
 - 500 Email Accounts
 - Domain, Hosting, and Search Engine Submission Costs for the First Year

**A large Shopping Cart of up to 100 items with 5 images per product may be added for
   an additional cost to be quoted separately based on the number of items offered.
        - SSL is available for $70 per year.


THE BIG KAHUNA! - - This site will meet the needs of a global business empire.

This site goes well beyond the needs of the average business, large or small, and can be any number of pages necessary from 10 - 1000 with an unlimited shopping cart. 50GB of disk space and 1TB of bandwidth.  Frankly, if you need a site this large, you should probably hire a firm.



Below are the sites I've built for a variety of satisfied clients.  Each image links to its respective site online.  Browse these sites and determine for yourself  if you'd like to make use of my skills as well.

Of course, I enthusiastically recommend the products and services of each of my clients.   :)
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